Hair Systems

Special occasion, hair replacement, a desired new look or all of the above.

Tandria’s Ultra Unique Hair Creations, are the hair technique options to choose from.

Your beauty will never cease! And, you’ll look amazing wearing your Fleece Hair Peace☮️

Tandria’s Diced Knobinoje System

Diced Knobinoje system

Tandria’s Diced Knobinoje system is a brick layered process by sewing approximately ½ inch wefted hair stitchings throughout, or in the desired areas , of the hair on the scalp; resulting to a long lasting, low maintenance, and natural looking head of hair.


This hair extension can last forever properly following the specific maintenance plan. The DK system takes up to 15 hours to install and is divided up as a two day installation procedure. But you’ll be glad you did it!

Amazing Extension System...

This Ultra Unique hair system is amazing! It will allow you to wear highlights and streaked hairstyles without the use of hair bleach or tints!

Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!

Thanks To My Beautiful Sister, Sonseray!!! Tandria’s “Diced Knobinoje” is not just Different,  it’s Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!

More About  Fleece Hair Peace:peace_symbol:

Each Fleece Hair Peace is custom designed by Tandria from start to finish. This well-made unit requires no installation. The patented Three Prong Drawstring Fleece Capp allows you to secure the FHP in (3) easy steps

1. Put it on.
2. Pull the strings tighten; tie in a bow.

3.Tuck the bow underneath.

It’s a simple as that. With proper care the Fleece Hair Peace can last forever! Enjoy!

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