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Tandria’s Ultra Unique Hair Creations

Necessity is the mother of invention… When people need to do something they’ll seek to discover the way to do it; henceforth, Tandria’s Ultra Unique Creations were born!

Natural Hair Services

From Hair cuts, Colors- Rinses and tints, Shampoo & Set to Braids and finger waves, anything you want done with your natural hair I can do, if I choose to. So just inquire:-).


Ultra Unique Hair Creations

Hi I’m Tandria owner of; Tandria’s Ultra Unique Hair Salon & Hair Creations…
You’ll experience professionalism reliability and comfort.

Try my Knobinoje Hair Extension System No-Braid/ No Glue! Or The Fleece Hair Peace, my Custom Designed Wigs.

Need glue? No Way!!! And, you’re guaranteed to have An Ultra Unique Day!!!


Additional Ultra Unique Creations


Tandria’s Ultra Unique Boutique & Virtual Stores (all customized) Merchandise…

•Fleece Hair Peace
•Subtle Differences Jewelry Creations
•Robinsons Ultra Unique Glass Covers

And more; More Ultra Unique Creations by, Tandria, Michael & Others upon evaluation, who are chosen and invited to become sellers.

       Subtle Differences

        Jewelry Creations

        Fleece Hair Peace

  Not just another wig!


Robinson’s Ultra Unique

                    Glass Covers

Featured Merchandise

Browse with your eyes but know that there’s no limit to the manifesto via the gift of creativity! As you cruise through seeking that which you pursue… 

Notice: The Fleece Hair Peace, place an order or have it made custom for you. You’ll discover Subtle Differences Jewelry for yourself or another. Robinsons Ultra Unique Glass Covers, made of leather or plush vinyl. 

Designs befitting for proper care.

So Cover your glass, because there could be virus in the air!!!

 Luxury & Elegance! Hand Crafted Creations and So Much More!!!

When you visit TANDRIA’S ULTRA UNIQUE Boutique & Virtual Store!!!

Fleece Hair Peace

We got Fleeced for the wedding!

It’s a versatile style!

Fleece is the way to wear hair without a care!!!

Everyone will love, your Ultra Unique Flair! Then; She let the updo- down for the honeymoon. 🙂

Robinson's Ultra Unique Glass Covers

Robinsons Ultra Unique Glass Covers…
Made from the finest leather and vinyl.
Dangling trinkets to delight your eyes.
Ultra Uniquely designed befitting for proper care.
So Cover your glass; there may be virus in the air!!!
Glass Covers with a hole for your straw. Or Consecration Wine Covers for the Priesthood. You can customize your Robinsons Ultra Unique Glass Cover orders and more, @Tandria’s Ultra Unique Boutique and Virtual Store!

Subtle Differences Jewelry

Ultra Unique Jewelry Designs By, TANDRIA…
Earrings A sheer joy to wear! Explore to unveil the”Subtle Difference”
In Each and Every Ultra Unique Pair!
Necklaces & Bracelets, Lobster clasp or Stretch, Custom jewelry designs also made to order par your request!
Either way, buy yours today!!
My creative style, will make you smile. And they’ll ask, “Wow! Where’d you get that?” So Tell them, “You can get this and more, @Tandria’s Ultra Unique Virtual Boutique & Store”!😉

Home Of  The Ultra Unique Creations

For 28 years and counting, Tandria has been right here making sure that you “Have an Ultra Unique Day!”     

1961 East 73rd St. Chicago, IL 60649

For 30 plus years, from natural hair to Knobinoje, which is her no braid, no glue system that protects my own hair from damage while giving me perfect hair in any kind of weather, to my current variety of the Fleece Hair Piece, Tandria's anointed hands have perfected and personalized every style, just for me. Oh and let me not forget the awesome hand and foot massages that go along with her amazing manicures and pedicures. And I've got my beautiful custom made subtle differences jewelry and my eloquent glass covers too. She knows me and she knows my style, and she never disappoints. There is so much more I can say about Tandria, but I will finish by saying, she's the best in the business, and she's Ultra Unique!

Shelia Hopkins

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1961 E. 73rd St.
Chicago, IL 60649



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