About  The CEO

About Tandria


Creator Of Tandria’s Ultra Unique Creations.
Owner of Tandria’s Ultra Unique
Hair & Aesthetics Salon

CEO-Established, Licensed (Black Owned)
Business Owner Since 1993.
Self-Employed since 1979.
Licensed Cosmetologist/Professional.
Over 40 years in business and counting;
So, I know what Being Chief Executive Officer means.

Owner & Creator…
It’s taken professional wherewithall tenacity and endurance all embodied by faith in God to get here!

Yes, quite the journey!
Yet! I’m still Exploring! Still Adorning! Still Creating ! And I’m Still Fleece’N HOTTT!
Still enjoying this gift of creativity along with servitude gratitude and a great attitude!  Still Speaking Life!!!

The Ultra Unique Way!
Therefore: it doesn’t matter who says to you, “ I can do that too.” Simply put-they can’t. Because you see; there’s only one Me.
I can’t be copied!

Some may attempt to imitate but remember; I Originate.

I Am The Original Creator Of The Phrase “Ultra Unique.”

  • Knobinoje The No/Braid, No/Glue Hair-Weev Sewn in System.
  • Diced Knobinoje, My Strand by Strand sewn in longer lasting system.
  • The Fleece Hair Peace. Sure, it’s a wig. But it’s a wig like no other! Completely customized one of a kind hair couture made by my hands only!

Enjoy my “Subtle Differences”
Jewelry Designs. & Our Robinson’s Ultra Unique Glass Covers!!! “Cover your glass”!!!

Not just Creator but Designer.
Not just different but…
ULTRA Unique Unique Unique!

Tandria’s Ultra Unique Commercial

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Thurs-Sat 10 AM till 6PM


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