NO / B      NO / G   =   KNOBINOJE !!!
(That's how you pronounce the word.)


Most Frequently Asked Questions about Knobinoje.

Q: What does Knobinoje Mean?
A: It means No “B” and No “G.” B is for Braid, G is for Glue.

Q: How long does it last?
A: The Knobinoje system lasts up to 5 1/2 months with proper maintenance.

Q: How is it done and does it hurt?
A: It is sewn in by Tandria's own created technique “Knobinoje,” and the discomfort is minimum.

Q: Will Knobinoje allow my hair to grow?
A: Yes, Knobinoje does not take out your hair like other systems that use wax, glue, or lots of thread that tangle tightly; like weave looms.

Q: Is it easy to remove Knobinoje, and can I remove it myself?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it slide out even if my hair is thin?
A: No.

Q: My hair is really short. Can Knobinoje work for me?
A: Yes, for hair at leas ¼ of an inch or longer.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: With Indian virgin hair, $450 and up.


Ask about the $200, Sew ”N” Go special!

Knobinoje is not just different . . . It's Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!





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