If balding has occurred anywhere on your scalp, which is due to various medical, cosmetic (such as hair glue), or hereditary reasons, whatever the situation, as long as it is not a contagious illness or skin disorder, this system will work for you.

NO! There is no hairnet involved.

The Forever Hair System Phase I can be combined with the Knobinoje to give you a beautiful, natural looking head of hair that will last up to 5 months with proper maintenance. It's not just different, it's Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!








This hair system is designed and tailored toward your own specific lifestyle and desires and according to the measurement of your own scalps perimeter.

No, it's not a wig, but you do have options. Phase II of the Forever Hair Series is removable by desire or can be secured to the scalp by Tandria's specified means, and is totally safe, causing absolutely no damage to your own hair – Forever Hair!

Phase II is designed to allow your own hair to grow.

This Ultra Unique hair creation is not anchored on a hairnet from start to finish. Tandria webs this carefully constructed work of art that you will wear with pride and pleasure.

Tandria's Ultra Unique Forever Hair System Phase II…
  1. Will allow you to swim in it.
  2. You can shampoo while wearing it. In a salon full of other patrons, no one will ever have a clue that this isn't your own hair.
  3. If you live out-of-town and you want Tandria's Ultra Unique Salon to maintain your Phase II System, just send it in with detailed desires for services via e-mail or call by phone. Either way, you'll get what you ask for and have your Ultra Unique Forever Hair Phase II System returned with a fresh shampoo and set look.

Buy two, three or four! Our model, Miss Billiejean Coleman did! Why? Because Tandria's Ultra Unique Forever Hair Phase II System is not just different, it's Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!

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