The strand by strand hair extension that lasts forever with proper maintenance.

The Diced Knobinoje, strand by strand system is a brick layer process using approximately ½ inch stitchings of hair all over, or in the desired area, of the scalp. This results in a long lasting, low maintenance, and natural looking head of hair!

Facts about the Diced Knobinoje, strand by strand hair extension process.
  1. You pay only once for the full service, no matter how long you desire to wear it.
  3. You can re-do selected sections at any time, such as the front hair line, the back nape area, or just the top. You can also simply re-do the entire Diced Knobinoje system if you like.
  5. Now what you've been waiting for . . . With Diced Knobinoje, streak and highlight your hair without harmful hair bleach and other chemicals.
  7. The Diced Knobinoje Extension System will allow you to wear highlighted and streaked hairstyles without the use of harmful hair bleach and other chemical tints!
  9. This extension lasts as long as you want to wear it with proper maintenance. It just grows out along with your own natural hair, for up to 5 months.

The Diced Knobinoje is not just Different, it's Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!




Toss that bulky braid-weave that makes you look and feel like a poodle!

Tandria's a master braider with a “real” braider's license, since 1979.

So get rid of the bulk of fake additions to secure your extensions. Get the most . . . Ultra Unique Braid Weave from Tandria. Because it's not just different, it's Ultra…Unique, Unique, UNIQUE!!

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